Saturday, 17 March 2018


You just came in
Smelling of gin
Reeking of sin
Shirt half tucked in
And from that grin
That stumbling walk
I know where you've been

Do you remember when we met?
Your heart was soured by regret
I thought my love would make you forget,
You haven't yet.

I was the clown
Who vowed
To turn that frown
Upside down,
Believing your love
Was a treasure
You'd trade for pleasure

I thought you'd be grateful
Or at the least faithful
I thought my love would make you forget,
You haven't yet.

Why can't I be
The one you need
Why can't you love me instead

I just keep waiting
For you to want me, to my regret,
You haven't yet.


Sunday, 18 February 2018


Would it matter if I lied
And told you
I've said goodbye
To a hundred men before?

Would it matter if I cried
Whispered promises,
And gave myself
To you once more?

Would it matter if I sighed
Every time you passed me by?
Would it matter to you at all?

It's over you said
On that sour bed
Rumpled sheets,
Where my heart bled

It's over you said
And cast me aside,
Trampled my pride
And left me for dead.

Would it matter if I did
All the wrong things:
Ran to your wife,
Ruined your life?

Would it make you return
Would it change your mind
Would it make you mine?


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Friday, 16 February 2018


The light struck
The sullen sky
High swirling
Turquoise high
And fragile flutters
Of swooning feathers
Tumble ecstasy,
Deceived to grief
By the brief illusion
Of a sudden Spring


The Match-girl and the Magic Pearl

I lit that nacreous fire
hypnotized by
the flare and glare
of that flowery flame

I lit that match
again and again
burning my fingers
sucking on that pain

I'm to blame
sitting in the dark
watching the spark
feed on my heart

I let it flow
let it glow
let it grow

I embraced the blaze
became the grace
of the angel with
the fiery sword,

I opened the way
to the holy garden
and the elegant charms
of the walking dead

The only way unjust systems perpetuate themselves is with the collaboration of the indifferent.

"Turquoise Moon"
Manuela Cardiga

Voicemail call box, Bad love detox

Was that you on the line
Not that I care
Just didn't want to leave
You hanging there

Was that you calling me
Thought you'd said
You wouldn't couldn't
Were cutting me out

Text in, call out
What do I care
Disconnect won't object
Was that you, or a ghost
Of that dead love.

Was that you needing me
Though it was way past 3
Were you alone with your phone
The way you never were with me?

Text in, call out
Your vacuous stare
I was invisible then
The woman who waited
In that room up the stairs.

That was me needing you
What did you care
Leading the dance
In your virtual romance

Text in, call out
Why should I care
Voicemail call box
Bad love detox

The number you are trying to reach is no longer available.